Tammy - 48-Year old Coppell Mom

Thanks Todd and Keith for helping me through my first Cross Fit workout.

Wow not what I expected. Even though I read that the work out is about you doing your personal best, I didn’t believe it. I felt like I accomplished a huge hurdle in just pulling into the parking lot … I did circle once or twice convincing myself to just do it. Then victory, I actually completed the workout.

You two made me feel like I could belong, thank you. I will definitely be back trying to do my personal best with each work out. 

Shaughnessy - Triathlete

I wonder if I can.  

I have been a triathlete for fourteen years and in those fourteen years I have completed numerous Ironman triathlon and half ironman events.  My focus was always on swimming, cycling and running and seldom considered cross training.  After Ironman Florida 2012 it was time for a shift in training perspectives.  My partner and I looked into CrossFit.  February 2013 we met Todd Szalkowski.  Todd gave me my first Crossfit workout and I could barely do an air squat because my hips, lower back, and hamstrings were so tight.  It was sad.   After our first series of training sessions I felt an enormous shift in my flexibility and this improved my cycling and swimming.  I felt my body shifting, becoming looser, more flexible and most of all beastly.  

Fast  forward to August 2013 and I am preparing for Ironman Florida in November and I am for the first time in all my years of Ironman training cycles stronger, fitter, and faster.  CrossFIt is something I can do anywhere…no gym needed…I tell me friends even when I am traveling I have no excuse not to train since there is always a rock lying around some where I can use as a weight.  I can do Burpees anywhere, I can do V-ups anywhere, I can do sit-ups anywhere, I can use a hotel parking lot as my track, I can use a step to do box jumps, I can do pushups anywhere, I no longer have to wonder if I can?  I can and I do live this daily on the road and at home. 

NOW, replace the "I" with "YOU".