Trainers & Founder


Jared Leal, CrossFit Level One Trainer – In high school, Jared was just another lost boy in the gym, where everyday was arm day. But after a few classes in college set him straight, he began seeing greater gains and wanted to help others accomplish the same. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's in Health and Exercise Science and obtained his certification through the NSCA. With 2 years of personal training experience at a private studio, Jared programmed innovative workouts that pushed his clients to the max . And now, working at CCC since it's grand opening in 2013, he seeks to continue to motivate his athletes to reach their fitness potential and overall quality of life.




Susan Bryant, CrossFit Kids Certified and CrossFit Level One Trainer – Susan started CrossFit in the Spring of 2012 and found the combination of community and hard work to be just what she needed to maintain a healthy life style.  As a mother of four, she quickly recognized that CrossFit is more than a sport and how it can teach children the value of nutrition and fitness in their daily activities. Susan's goal is to build children's confidence, both physically and mentally, and give them the base they need to learn and participate in a variety of sports.













Sam Thursby, CrossFit Level One Trainer – Sam resisted Crossfit for as long as she could, while her sister, mom and husband all fell in love with it. She assumed that "you have to be fit to try Crossfit" and that she would be pressured to push past her limits. But at CCC, the opposite is true - every workout can be modified for every fitness level, and the coaches encouraged (but did not pressure) members to step outside their comfort zone (while staying safe!). Once she was thoroughly addicted, she got her Crossfit Level 1 Trainer certification and has been coaching since April 2016. Her goal as a coach is to make everyone at CCC feel welcome and successful throughout their Crossfit journey. (Sam is also a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2009. Whoop!)







Karen McDonald, CrossFit Level One Trainer – Karen started her CrossFit journey at CCC in January of 2014. She was hooked from day one. She not only loved the challenge of the workouts but also the community that Todd and Jared had built and what they stood for. Karen received her Level One in September of 2016 and began coaching at CCC. She hopes to continue to grow as a coach and an athlete and to help others along their journey to functional fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 












Bobby Lynn, CrossFit Level One Trainer – Bobby was introduced to CrossFit in college, while helping the football team as a student assistant. There, Bobby saw the impact the programming had on the team’s performance and he knew CrossFit could help anyone reach their fitness goals. Bobby received his Level One in 2013 and has been helping coach ever since. After moving to the great state of Texas, he found the CCC community and began coaching there in 2016. As a coach, Bobby greatly enjoys helping others reach new potential they did not know they had, whether it is getting the first pull-up or getting a 300lb clean. He also loves seeing the camaraderie and encouragement that is always on display at CCC. However, do not be too fooled by his friendly demeanor, Bobby often spends his free time scheming up challenging workouts that look easy on paper. 











Krista McDonald, CrossFit Level One Trainer
















Greg Anderson, CrossFit Level One Trainer















Dana DeLoach, Bootcamp Trainer – Dana teaches math at Coppell High School and has to have lots of energy. She started Crossfit on her 50th Birthday (August 26th, 2013), day 1 of Crossfit Coppell Central. She hasn't missed a week since! Crossfit and Crossfit style bootcamp are such great work outs; she now feels stronger, healthier and happier. These are not only great workouts, but CCC is a fun community of people. Dana had been praying for a workout community and boy did she find an incredible one. God is good. Now, she can't imagine starting her day any other way! She is excited to coach and help others experience the benefits that she has had!








Billie McKee, Bootcamp Trainer – Physical activity has always been a large part of life for Billie and her family. Billie joined Crossfit Coppell Central in February of 2014 looking for a challenging workout. What she found, however, was so much more. An encouraging community that is just like a family. Billie danced as a child and then later became interested in martial arts, earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and becoming an instructor and certified referee. She is also certified as a kickboxing instructor and has taught a variety of exercise classes from yoga and tai chi to kickboxing and self-defense. She truly enjoys encouraging others to reach their personal fitness goals.



Todd Szalkowski (1964 - 2017), Founder – Todd was a local CrossFit success story. He began CrossFit in the summer of 2012 and quickly transformed his body (and entire lifestyle) by following the CrossFit principles of fitness and diet. Inspired by this transformation, Todd opened CCC in August of 2013 to help others reach their fitness goals and experience the same type of transformation. Today, CCC is a thriving box full of all types of athletes who are pushing their bodies to new fitness levels. Todd's legacy and vision for CCC is being lived out each day by our community of athletes and coaches.